Thursday, October 16, 2008

Deforestation Problem Solved? : Robotic Plants to Reoxygenated Our Earth

Some people said that modern technology causing many environmental problems, but technology also providing us many alternative to solve the problem itself.

Engadget reported that researchers from Chonnam National University has developed robotic plant as substitute of biologic plants to re-oxygenating our earth. This green-oriented robot stands more than four feet, and consists of pot, stem, and five meat-eating buds. As a "plant", it has capability to produce oxygen and moisture, and as a robot it has some additional capability, such as blooming, shaking slightly, and even dancing as response to human nearby. But this plant has great weakness, it has no capability as habitat of soil microorganism and can't produce fruit (who wants to have metal fruit anyway?)

I'm not sure if this metal plant is good alternative for reforestation, but this breakthrough shows that (almost) nothing is impossible for technology development today. But I hope in future this metal plant wouldn't replace organic plant, it's just sad to see everything going artificial...

Friday, October 10, 2008

World's Tallest LED Screen Will Placed In Dubai

Dubai is one of the fastest growing city in the world, and their government is ambitious about being the top of the world. Tameer holding, a development company based in Dubai has announced that they will build Tameer tower, a 33 story-high building in Majan district of Dubai.

What makes the building awesome is, there will be a giant LED screen embedded on its side, which could blast out advertisement to 1,5 kilometers far! Just place your adv there, and people in 1,5 kilometers will aware to your product!

But unfortunately, the developer have no idea when this project will be finished. Even it's still being under construction, why don't you save some money to go there - or put a personal adult date advertisement there?