Monday, September 29, 2008

Two Fastfood Addicts Celebrated Their Marriage With Giant Cheeseburger

Burger is already a part in American's diet. Yet we still looking at it as junk food, with high fat and potassium rate, low in nutrition and we could only consume it on daily life, not as a menu in party. But there is a couple of food addicts who take it as an important part of their life.

Tom and Kerry Watts, both are fast food addicts, celebrated their marriage with special wedding cake - a 42lb giant cheeseburger. This couple set the big cheeseburger as highlight of their party in Zak's American Diner in Norwich.

So, how amazing is this wedding cake, I means cheeseburger? This cheeseburger is nearly half a meter wide, weighted about 100 quarter pounders. John Baxter, the butcher had to worked a whole day long to create a giant burger, which was weighted 400 pounds when it was raw. It had to be cooked for 3 hours, and required 3 chefs to lift it out of oven. What about the bun? The bun alone weighted 5 kg and they had to cut it off using a saw.

Tom Watts said "Not only did I get to marry the woman of my dreams but I also got to have the burger of my dreams in the same day. I could not believe the size of the burger. It was just incredible. Everything has just been amazing. It was the best day ever."

Congratulation to both of you, and this is the for wedding cake revolution! (news)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Giant Diamond Found in Lesotho

Human has exploited earth so roughly, yet mother nature still giving new surprise to us, human being.

BBC news reported that miners working for Gem Diamonds in Letseng mine in Lesotho has discovered a huge gem stone, which could be the largest polished round diamond in the world. This stone weights 478 carats and is the 20th largest rough diamond ever found.

What is special about this diamond stone is, it has a potential to yield a 150 carats single stone, which would be bigger than 105 carats Koh-i-Noor diamond on British crown. This diamond is much smaller than Cullinan diamond, the world's biggest rough diamond, but still have a magnificent size, and has a potential to be one of the next legendary diamond.

Interested to have this diamond? Gem Diamond's chief executive said it could sell for ten of millions dollars. Quite challenging price.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Really Expensive Gift Wrapping Paper - Real US$ Bills Sheets!

What will you do if you received gift from someone, and wrapped in paper?
Unwrapped it, of course, and looks what inside it. Most of us never care about its wrapping paper, and throw it away to garbage bin.
There's nothing wrong with it, but think it again if you received this wrapping paper.

Edwina Rogers, wife of Washington lobbyist Ed Rogers, wraps her gifts in US$ bills sheets - the real one. Oh gee, US$ rate is very high in my home country (Indonesia) how did she so damned used it only as wrapping paper!?

Watch this video, and just try to think again. Is it a sign of :

  1. Victory of capitalism? - Perhaps
  2. How "money power" influencing Washington politic elite these days? - Maybe
  3. Or, US$ rate has declined dramatically, so you'd rather use it as wrapping paper? - I hope so
The world is just awesome.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Another Teddy Bear Gadget : (Headless Teddy Bear USB Flash

It seems that Teddy Bear style weird gadgets are on top these days.

We have seen Teddy Bear style odd mobile phone in Japan few days ago, now it's time for Teddy Bear style USB flash to show it up on public! But the awesome point from this gadget is... we have to beheaded it then attached it to your USB port. Simple, but cruel, my sister said. Oh, c'mon...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

2 Days Break To Releasing Myself From "Discomgoogolation"

Sorry for leaving my blogs for 2 days. I'm suffering "discomgoogolation", and need some times to relaxing my mind. Now, I'm fresh and ready for web world.

"Discomgoogolation"? Wow, what kind of food is it?
Sorry, it's not a food. It's a new mental disease emerged on internet addicts community.

DailyMail reported that large numbers of internet addicts are suffering from anxiety and extreme stress when they're being disconnected from internet. By monitoring the heavy internet addicts, British psychiatrist researcher found that subject's brain activity and blood pressure increased markedly when the internet connection being cut off. Subjects suffers extreme stress, as if they were being late for important meeting, or get fired from job. They named the high level stress caused by internet dependency as "discomgoogolation". The definition of "discomgoogolation" is "feeling of distress or anxiety when unable to gain immediate information access".

It seems that obsessive behavior for internet has been an epidemic in our modern society. I myself suffering "discomgoogolation" symptoms for more than 3 years, such as get stressed every time the internet connection goes down, forgetting to sleep, needing more online hours. I was a Friendster (most of you in US/Europe already left it behind) addicts for 3 years, and I've just started my blogs 1 month ago, which makes me attached to internet intensively - really intense.

I won't leave web world forever, I've already fell in love to internet. But we've got to spend more times for relaxing, and gathered with our family. We've got to balancing our life activity, so we can blink up our life. That's why I named this blog as "Get Blink Me".

Is it too serious? I just wanna remind everyone, don't forget to spend your precious times for your real life. Life is big, bigger than what we can see on screen.