Wednesday, July 30, 2008

9 Tips For Improving Self Confidence

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One of my old-day school friend, Dave has been promoted for higher position in his office. But one day he made a small mistake in project and get warning from his supervisor. He is very capable and smart young man with bright future, but his self confidence has swept away by a small warning from his supervisor. Now his career get stagnant, and he started to send some CV to other companies. It seems that he loses his hope to get promoted in his office.

1. Stop putting yourself down
It's sounds bad, but this bad situation could happen to everyone. During this depression, we would feel that everything goes wrong, and nothing we can do to make the situation better. To get through this hard time, just try to:

2. Play at your strengths
Get a plain paper and pen, write down your weakness and strengths. Everybody should have their own weakness and strengths, and nobody is similar. Try to hide your weakness and always show your strength side.

3.Stop being negative
Try to cut down to negative things. Some depressed people do "extreme brainwashing" by stop reading newspaper and watching TV for months so they can cut off negative intake largely. But if you can't do that, just take 1 day break from your office, take rest in your house, turn off TV and throw your newspaper, and read some self esteem building books. It works for most of people.

4.Set achievable goals
Success is a great journey, and great journey started by a small step. Focusing to success is OK, but don't forget to see your "small step" so you can achieve your intermediate goal, which will be your foundation to achieve your main goal.

5.Remembering your success
Have you ever win a baseball game? Or being the best graduate from your class? Just try to remember that moments, remember what it feels like, remember what your friends & family told to you. Don't take it as "past time glory", just take it as your foundation to build your self confidence.

6.Be yourself
You are what you are. Simple words, but many people has forgotten it, and get stuck in a mess. If your competitor get success by their own way while you get failed, don't get mad. Try to find your own way, and do it better than your competitor!

7.Talk to your trusted friend
You can release your guilty feelings by talking to you trusted friend. He should be trustful and he can keep your secret.

8.Do yoga exercise
Yoga is one of the best option to release your stress and rebuild your self confidence. You can do it by yourself or joining your local yoga group.

9.Celebrate your failure
There are no success built without mistakes. By making mistakes, you have learned not to do your work better, and you will get closer to success. Failure is not something bad, it's just small warning to your mistakes and a process to your success. So, celebrate your failure, and build up your day right now!

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