Monday, July 28, 2008

Nokia 6205 The Dark Knight Edition : Is It Worth Enough?

It's black. It has buttons attached on body. And it has wings.
What's that? Is it UFO radio controller? No, it's Nokia 6205 The Dark Knight Series.
So, what's cool about it?

Hey, it's special series. This special edition has a Batman logo printed on its back, and packaged in a special box (yes for your guess... the box also has Batman logo attached). Beside of standard Nokia 6205 feature (1,3 megapixel camera, 58MB internal memory, microSD slot, VZ navigator, etc), its also delivered with wallpaper, voice tones, movie trailer and screen saver from The Dark Knight.

So, how much it cost for this flip phone? According to Verizon, it will cost you $69,99... Hmm not bad for the wing logo and feature inside. But if you hate Batman, just wait to Auguts, because Nokia will launch the standard edition of 6205 with two color option : striking metallic blue and silver.

Nokia 6205 The Dark Knight series has been launched on June 15, almost 1 month before the movie premiere (July 16). Now we are almost entering August and The Dark Knight still on fire, but nobody knows how far the movie will go through. So, what should I do if the heat off? It's easy, just replace The Dark Knight battery cover with the standard battery cover (included in The Dark Knight Series) and... yeah, it will changed to "original" 6205!

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