Sunday, August 31, 2008

New Gift To Your GF - Bear Phone

Three Must-Be-Bears

Moshi moshi... Kuma San?

Apple launched their iPhone 2 weeks ago, and gained phenomenal success.

What's the Japanese answer against iPhone success? They launched teddy bear style mobile phone.

There goes Willcom, a mobile provider in Japan, demonstrated their new innovation (should I call it as an innovation?) at 2008 Good Design Expo Tokyo. They named this new product as Kuma Phone. What's Kuma stance for? Bear, of course. For only about 500bucks, you'll get a cute teddy bear stuffed with functional mobile phone. What could be better than this one?

It's stuffed with functional phone... So can we really use it?
Yes, sure. For instance, just squeeze one of its four paws for one of your speed dial numbers. Press its tail to answer or hang up the call. Really simple isn't it? It's so user-friendly, and warm up your ears too.

You have 6months before Valentine, please save 500bucks to have this ridiculous bear as your Valentine gift to your GF. You can give it to Mr.Bean instead, or give it to your dog as its pillow.

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