Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Really Expensive Gift Wrapping Paper - Real US$ Bills Sheets!

What will you do if you received gift from someone, and wrapped in paper?
Unwrapped it, of course, and looks what inside it. Most of us never care about its wrapping paper, and throw it away to garbage bin.
There's nothing wrong with it, but think it again if you received this wrapping paper.

Edwina Rogers, wife of Washington lobbyist Ed Rogers, wraps her gifts in US$ bills sheets - the real one. Oh gee, US$ rate is very high in my home country (Indonesia) how did she so damned used it only as wrapping paper!?

Watch this video, and just try to think again. Is it a sign of :

  1. Victory of capitalism? - Perhaps
  2. How "money power" influencing Washington politic elite these days? - Maybe
  3. Or, US$ rate has declined dramatically, so you'd rather use it as wrapping paper? - I hope so
The world is just awesome.

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Tiffany Aller said...

While it's true that you can get uncut sheets of "money" from the Bureau of Engraving, it's not actual money. It has no face value. Those are, in essence, scrap sheets that would never circulate.