Monday, August 18, 2008

8 Tips To Avoid Halitosis

Get good-looking awesome face? That's good.
Have plenty of money? Chicks will love it.
Have halitosis problem? Pity on you.

Many people are aware of HIV/AIDS, bird flu, anthrax, and other fraightening disease plague, but did anyone aware of halitosis plague? It won't kill you, but it will destroying your confidence and kill your chance to date some hot chicks.

So, what should I do to avoid halitosis? Just try this:

1.Don't forget to clean your tongue
Yes, halitosis could be originated from food deposit on your teeth cavity, but only few people aware that MOST of halitosis case originated from food deposit on your posterior part of tongue. So, don't forget to clean your tongue! You can clean your tongue with tongue scraper.

2.Avoid smoking
Smoking kill us, everybody knows that. Smoke odor in mouth triggers halitosis. So, why should we keep on smoking?

3.Chewing gum
Dry mouth is good habitat for halitosis-triggering bacterias. Chewing gum will induce our mouth to produce more saliva, which will kill that bad mouth bacterias. But don't pick sugar coated chewing gum, since it will trigger bacteria population. Instead of sugar coated chewing gum, choose xylitol coated one, or anti odor chemical contained chewing gum.

4.Try natural remedies
Fennel seed, cinnamon sticks, and fresh parsley have been proven as anti-halitosis natural remedies. Throw your cigarette, and choose natural remedies, right now!

5.Drink water
Too simple? Yes, avoiding halitosis is quite simple. Just drink more water, and bad mouth bacteria will eliminated.

6.Gargling mouthwashes
Gargling mouthwashes before night sleep is good for maintaining oral hygiene. You can also gargling mouthwashes in daytime, but the effect is shorter than doing it in night.

7.Go to dentist
Teeth cavity is save-heaven for food deposit and their good companion, the bad mouth bacteria. Go to your dentist and have your teeth corrected!

8Find out other possible cause
If 7 tips above failed, find other causing disease. Even the percentage is rare, sometimes diabetes mellitus, liver failure, and some metabolc dysfunction triggers halitosis.

Have you eliminated your halitosis yet? If the answer is "yes", congratulation, now you're ready to dating some hot chicks!

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