Friday, August 29, 2008

Celebrities Of The Week

There goes 3 names most discussed on blogsphere this week. Here we go :

1.Steve Jobs
Yeah, Steve Jobs is already a big star in techsphere, and his latest product launch, iPhone, gained big success in market. But that's not what makes him one of my celebrity of the week. It started when his death rumors spread on internet, when Bloomberg mistakingly announcing his death and his show his obituary - and pulled them up after a while. But this false news spread widely and shocks techsphere. Thanks God Steve Jobs is still alive now, but we are still concerning about his health. In 2004 he announced that he is struggling against pancreatic cancer, and his latest health status is remains mystery.

Photograph is powerful, and Flickr have great power to makes something (not only "someone") to be a celebrity. The story goes when Valerie and Ted Rock saw a little cat - with a pair of additional ears - at Blue Island bar in Chicago in 2006. Other costumers laughed at it's odd face and unusual additional ears, but the couple decided to adopt and bring it back home, and named it Yoda. It became like a fairy tale when their son upload Yoda's picture to Flickr, and gained sympathy from bloggers all around the world. Now Good Morning America, Fox News, and Tyra Banks Show are already on waiting list to interview Yoda - and its owners.

3.Mysterious (And Cute) Chinese Factory Worker
iPhone is a rising star in techsphere - and makes unknown person to be a rising star in blogsphere. The story goes when a woman worker in iPhone factory in Shenzhen, China asked her friend to took her photo - with a new Apple iPhone which used to be on market. Her friend forgot to delete the photo, and this iPhone sold in Britain. The owner immediately posted the images on internet. Her photo - with smiling face and peace sign - spread wide on blogsphere, and makes hot discussion on web. She was shocked to see her face on net, but fortunately her boss forgives her mistake, and promised that he wouldn't release her personal information to the public.

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