Thursday, August 28, 2008

Another Modern Life Disaster, Partner Could Spying Us By Electric Gadgets

Remember those days when we were kids in 80's, parents says Soviet's intelligence agencies watching us from distance far away by satellite? The cold war era has ended two decades ago, but there's still someone watching us from distance, right now : our partner. So, how did he/she watching us? By satellite? It's not like in the past, our partner able to watching us by daily electronic products, such as mobile phone, PC, credit card, even by Nintendo Wii.

Yes, DailyMail reported that a US soldier returning from his duty in Iraq uncovered evidence his wife had been cheating while he was fighting on battlefield. But how? He simply plugged in his Nintendo Wii and see its Mii, gizmo to save personal profile record in console. He discovered that his wife had spend long time playing virtual bowling with another Mii. Later he discovered that this unknown Mii is actually her secret lover. Now this poor soldier has filed divorce, took Mii as evidence, and blame Wii as catalyst for his wife to cheat on him.

This story is only a small example that there's a danger awaits in our daily gadget : it allows someone to tracking us. Today, it's almost impossible to do anything in secret. Every communication we made on mobile phone, short message we sent, electronic transaction we made, even internet web site we had logged in, it's all like spreading our DNA on every spot we had visited, allowed someone to track what have we done there in past.

Technology industry seeing this phenomena as their new market. Now we can have gadget to recover deleted messages in mobile phone SIM card, tiny spy camera to keep looking at your partner, mini GPS tracker in car, or have a internet hacker to track our partner's Facebook account record (or you can do it by yourself).

Digital communication era allow us to flirt to our new potential sex partner by mobile phone, playing game online with mysterious stranger, or just spread our sexy photo/profile on internet for fun. But we must remember, someone else could trace our activity, so be wise with your gadget.

The best thing that we can do is, keep your self with your lifetime partner. Otherwise if willing to take risk, just try go back to traditional way. You can post your mail by traditional way, have a mailpost bird (hope that your partner won't track your bird by Google Map).

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asithi said...

Wow - that is something new. Hmmm.... technology makes it so easy for us to connect with people, but I think sometimes you have to start worrying about who you are connecting with.