Friday, August 22, 2008

Kia Forte 2009 Officially Released!

Kia motors has been a famous name for Korean automotive industry in recent years for their attractive design and user-friendly car, but had struggled to increase their product quality to gain bigger US market. yes, they hadn't got big problem about their product quality in Asian market, but US market is much more different battle arena.

To answer US market challenge, today Kia motors launched their new sedan, Kia Forte 2009. They didn't only positioned Forte as successor of best selling Kia Spectra and Cerato, but as a show of force to US market that they are able to produce attractive designed car with higher quality. For this big project, Kia motors had to spend more than $ 2oo million and 29 months research and development time. It's very long time, and what did they got by now?

According to their blog, Forte equipped with new features such as navigation system with voice recognition, smart key button ignition system and Bluetooth technology. In addition to the high technology features that are normally reserved for larger cars, the car comes equipped with complete safety features, such as side and curtain airbags, a VDC (Vehicle Dynamic Control) system and active headrests. Those features are great leap for Kia sedan, and surely worth to their 29 months hard work.

Forte is equipped with 1.6 liter gasoline engine (121 brake horse power) and 1.6 diesel engine(128 brake horse power), and later they will release the bigger 2.0 liter engine version. How much should I spend for this elegant Korean?It only cost you11.9 million won (US$11,300) to 19.6 million won, depending on accessories and engine types.

High end design, fine quality, strong brand, and reasonable price. Will this car gained big popularity in US market? Time will revealed it.

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