Monday, August 11, 2008

Casio G-Shock "Crazy Color" Series - Get a New Sensation For This Fall!

Fall season is orange and grey season, said the old time Japanese. But Casio has another idea about fall season. For this fall, they launched G-shock "Crazy Color" collection. So, what makes them called as crazy? They relaunched their classic DW-5600 and DW-6900 model, which was hit the top few years ago.

Waw, isn't it too old for nano tech era? They think not. DW-5600 launched in black and yellow. DW-6900 launched in black, white and pink. No orange and grey? Sorry grandpa, your time is up. Get yourself a new Casio G-shock "Crazy Color" and experience new fall sensation on your hand wrist!

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