Friday, August 15, 2008

Giro Sponge, A New Design For Kid's Toothbrush (Maybe For You Too)

I've got small problem.
My small nephew hate toothbrushing, especially when it's already his bed time and he is sleepy. My sister always had to argue with her little son every night, and I'm getting sick for watching it. So I surfed the net, and found this interesting toothbrush.

It's started by a industrial designer from Brazil called Fabio Dabori. He was challenged to create a new kid's toothbrush design, and here is his result. The concept named as Giro Sponge, is electric battery powered toothbrush, and he replace the brush with specially designed and engineered bristles. The bristles is designed with kid's favorite picture, so it toothbrushing won't be a traumatic for children anymore.

Giro Sponge is designed for both kids and adult, and suitable for those who's got sensitive teeth. He also suggests that Giro Sponge could be used for pets. This is not yet final, since he is currently researching for his toothbrush's market.

Interested to produce similar toothbrush like he did? Sorry, Fabio Dabori already has patents for his creation, so don’t get any ideas.

I guess nobody of you interested to have this cutie minie toothbrush didn't you? Maybe we have to ask Dabori to put Pamela Anderson's boobie to his toothbrush's brustle.

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