Monday, August 25, 2008

"Miss Sister Italy" - The First Nuns Beauty Pageant

Should I show off my Victoria Secret?

Many people considered nun as hardest job ever made for woman. They have to leave mainstream society and living in monastery, and avoid all sexual activity. They have to working all the time, even on holiday, and forgetting every sexual on their mind. But we're entering globalization era, and it's very hard to disclosure opposite sexual attraction these days.

Big breakthrough comes from an Italian priest, Antonio Rungi. He is now promoting his new project, the first beauty pageant exclusively for nuns. Wait a minute. A beauty pageant... So they have to show off their beauty to the world?

"Nuns are above all women and beauty is a gift from God," said priest Antonio Rungi. "This contest will be a way to show there isn't just the beauty we see on television but also a more discrete charm." He added. He claims that nuns themselves gave this idea and pushed him to make this project comes to reality.

So, how is the procedure to be participate in this beauty pageant? A candidate should send her picture to Rungi, then priest Rungi will publish her picture on his blog ( sorry I haven't got his blog's link ). We, internet surfers can vote for their favorite nun online. Can we see nuns in swimsuit or sexy dress online, perhaps? Sorry, there's no place for swimsuit or sexy dress segment, so just enjoy their photos with their daily work-suit.

"I hope the next (pageant) won't just take place online but that we can organise a real show that can take place during the Miss Italy contest," Rungi said. Well, good luck Father, keep on your good job!

Update : Father Antonio Rungi has suspended the pageant, due to protests from his superiors. Read the news here


Vivien said...

Yeah, I read this article in the news. This beauty pageant is silly. The candidates can't be seen in swimsuit, though. I wonder if the Pope would allow this to happen. This is sacrilegious.

Anonymous said...

ziddu kayaknya bukan scam mas, soalnya temen2 sdh banyak yang dapat bayaran klo ngga percaya di google aja, klo aq sih belum pernah dapat soalnya baru $2 . . sabar aja . . :)

getblinkme said...

Thanks for your comment, vivien. Yes, quite silly but interesting idea... But it has been suspended due to protests from his seniors. You can read the update news from link above.

Thank you adi pramana for your information. I've only earned $0,33 from Ziddu in this month hahaha.

Anonymous said...

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