Monday, August 4, 2008

NewsNomad : A New Competitor For Digg?

It's never been easy for Digg to keep it's throne as world leading news aggregator site. Digg has been leading for many years as news aggregator and so many competitor has failed to end up Digg's throne. But there's still a big hole in internet business : news aggregator site for mobile device.

Now Digg's majority is being annoyed by NewsNomad, a new mobile news aggregator which has 2 interesting features. First, its news links lead to other mobile device friendly news site, such as Time Mag and CNN. Second,it has unique its own votting scheme. Unlike in Digg, you don't have to registered and logged in to voted articles. Everyone is welcomed to give their opinion about their news.

NewsNomad has launched their innovative features while Digg still keeps on with their own style. How will Digg keep on this news aggregator battle? Let's see.

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